Piksel, Inc. Warrant Exercise Underway

Light exercise while studying boosts memory-building

, (formerly known as KIT digital, Inc., the “Company”), a global provider of digital television and media solutions, announced that the period to exercise warrants under the Company’s plan of reorganization is now fully underway and distribution of warrant certificates and election forms for shareholders of KIT digital, Inc. to elect to exercise their warrants is nearing completion. Warrant certificates and election forms have been mailed to, and should have already been received by, record holders of KIT digital Inc.’s common stock that did not hold such shares through a broker or other nominee. Record holders that have not yet received those materials should contact Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company at 1-800-509-5586.
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The goal is to be faster next year than you are today. And faster two years from now than you will be next year. Ignore the short-term results. If you commit to the long-term process, the results will come anyway. Furthermore, stop acting like living a healthy life is a big deal. You can go to the gym every week.
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6 Truths About Exercise That Nobody Wants to Believe

And should the exercise be vigorous or gentle? the story asks, before highlighting two new studies that tackle those questions. Both reveal that the timing and intensity of exercise can affect your ability to remember though not always positively. The larger of the studies, from Germany, was published in May in PLOS ONE , an online research publication. The studys subjects listened to lists of paired words one a familiar German word, its partner an unfamiliar word in Polish. One group listened after sitting quietly for 30 minutes.
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Chelsea Manning Is Willing to Pay for Her Own Hormone Therapy


“It was only after Fort Leavenworth had said that they would not provide any sort of medical treatment that we decided not to wait.” The Army’s statement came one day before Manning was sentenced, when the Courthouse News Service published a story quoting a prison spokeswoman saying that Fort Leavenworth does not “provide hormone therapy or sex-reassignment surgery for gender identity disorder.” In his interview with the AP, Coombs also detailed the specifics of Manning’s plan: She’s willing to pay for estrogen treatments that would promote female characteristics including breast development, she does not want sex-reassignment surgery at this point, and she expects to be kept with men in prison. Coombs has made it clear that he’ll pursue any and all legal options on behalf of his client if the prison prevents Manning from receiving the hormone therapy. Coombs also addressed the potential for confusion with Manning’s name change , a topic that’s been widely discussed by news organizations looking to balance the need for clarity with a desire to respect Manning’s wishes. He said that Manning understands that she won’t be able to make a clean break from her past identity: Coombs said Manning knows there is the potential for confusion with the name change, and said Manning expects to be referred to as Bradley when it has to do with events prior to sentencing, the appeal of the court-martial and the request for a presidential pardon. Prison mail must be addressed to Bradley Manning. “There’s a realization that most people know her as Bradley,” Coombs told the AP. “Chelsea is a realist and understands.” Want more of your favorite content on the MSN homepage?
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Hormone Therapy Linked to Higher Breast Cancer Death Risk

VIDEO: Breastfeeding May Prevent Breast Cancer

We do not sentence them to untreated medical conditions. We don’t sentence them to untreated gender dysphoria just as we don’t sentence them to untreated kidney failure, untreated infections, or anything else of the sort. When the government takes on inmates and incarcerates them, it becomes responsible for their medical care. And this condition from a medical and scientific perspective is no different from any other medical condition that requires treatment. And increasingly from a legal perspective as well.
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Why is Hormone Therapy a Medical Necessity for Chelsea Manning? — VIDEO

The results, from an 11-year follow up with more than 12,000 women who were randomly assigned to receive either the combination hormone therapy or a placebo, found 385 women taking the therapy developed an aggressive form of breast cancer, compared to 293 in the placebo group. Twenty-five women who took hormone therapy died from breast cancer during the study, compared to 12 women in the placebo group. null “It is early in the follow-up and the number of breast cancer deaths will certainly substantially increase as we move forward,” said Dr. Rowan Chlebowski, professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, and lead author of the study. Women in the study who used estrogen and progestin for five-and-a-half years — which is considered long-term use of the therapy — were at higher risk of getting breast cancer, said Chlebowksi. Earlier results of this trial indicated a connection between synthetic hormone therapy — commonly marketed as as the drug Prempro — and less aggressive forms of breast cancer . But results now suggest that women who took hormones may be at risk of any, including more aggressive and late-stage, forms of breast cancer.
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For me, nutrition means life and quality of life – OGUNTONA

*Professor Babatunde  Oguntona

I made a presentation as the President of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria at that time. I showed all the indices and we proferred solutions. Afterwards, he asked what we wanted. We wanted a national nutrition commission, the type for HIV/AIDS, so that we can bring the issues to the attention of the public and work out solutions. He said he was going to give us an institute. It wasnt what we wanted, but it was something.
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Nutrition and healthy eating

As a specialty editor of the nutrition and healthy eating guide, Katherine Zeratsky helps you sort through the facts and figures, the fads and the hype to learn more about nutrition and diet. A Marinette, Wis., native, she is certified in dietetics by the state of Minnesota and the American Dietetic Association. She has been with Mayo Clinic since 1999. She’s active in nutrition-related curriculum and course development in wellness nutrition at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and nutrition related to weight management and practical applications of nutrition-related lifestyle changes.
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Mental health courts making a difference, according to state

SC Mental Health to use land sale cash for repairs

A study of 10 mental health courts around the state finds a lower level of repeat offenders compared to other courts. Participants also had better opportunities for work, education and treatment. State court administrator Chad Schmucker says the survey checked up on 331 graduates of mental health courts. The goal is to get help for people instead of sending them to jail or prison for long periods for certain crimes. They may have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or severe depression. Mental health courts have been around since 2009.
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Nanette Larson, BA, CRSS, Director of Recovery Support Services for the Illinois DHS/Division of Mental Health, will deliver the keynote address, Recovery: The Journey to Health and Wellness. A nationally recognized leader and speaker focused on the mental health consumer recovery movement, her passion stems from personal experiences of recovery. Dr. Paul Keck, Jr., MD, a researcher in Bipolar Disorder and psychopharmacology and author of hundreds of scientific papers, will present Recovery, Remission, Wellness-The Realizable Goals of Diagnosis and Treatment. People who have mental health concerns, family members and friends, professionals, and community members are all encouraged to attend to learn more about hope, empowerment, and recovery. The morning session begins at 8 a.m. with registration, expo displays and information sharing opportunities, and moves into the speaker presentation.
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Mental Illness & Love: The Biggest Threat To Marriage & The Best Path To Recovery

Be a team: 78% of experts agree that for a marriage to survive, the couple must work on healing together. “The red flag here is that seemingly common issues like depression and addiction can have such a profoundly negative effect on marriages,” says Melanie Gorman, SR VP of YourTango Experts, “but if you follow the suggestions offered, 75% of experts believe that a mental illness can actually make a marriage stronger.” Additional survey findings: As many as 30% of married couples struggle with mental illness. 62% agree that healthy spouses can “mirror” unhealthy symptoms. YourTango is offering help with their upcoming content-driven campaign, Living & Loving With Mental Illness , from August 26 September 6.
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Mental Health Wellness and Recovery Conference features nationally recognized speakers

The agency has lost $87 million in funding since 2008. “I would hate for all that money to go to capital needs when there is such a need for more psychiatrists, more psychiatric nurses. I would rather see it go to services than bricks and mortar,” said Bill Lindsey , director of the state chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness . The agency is selling 165 acres to Greenville developer Bob Hughes . The $15 million will be paid in installments over seven years.
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Children’s mental-health commission debuts Monday

Returning UCF students will see campus changes, tighter security

The latter already available in a few communities across the nation is a team of mental-health professionals who would answer 911 calls along with police when a child is having “a breakdown or meltdown,” Jones said. “They come in to de-escalate the situation,” said Jones, whose son was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 14. “Then if the child is truly in crisis and needs to be hospitalized, the team would call an ambulance to come and take him there. That’s a big difference from having a police officer come to the home or school and put the child in handcuffs.” Jones, too, will serve on the commission. Jacobs said whatever changes come as a result of the group, help needs to reach troubled children as early as possible. “My own brother I didn’t know for much of his life that he was mentally ill,” Jacobs said.
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Mental health act will help inside, outside of school

Paul MN will concurrently offer the Solveig program. Group therapy will occur four days per week for up to 3 hours each day, and clients are required to attend weekly psychiatry appointments. The Solveig team at each location is comprised of licensed mental health professionals and psychiatry. A client will complete a functional assessment prior to enrollment in a group. Assessments will begin September 3rd, and groups will begin, tentatively, mid September.
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Private mental health advocacy role

Identifying and treating mental health issues in our schools seems to be a no-brainer. The Mental Health Awareness and Improvement Act of 2013 was approved by the U.S. Senate as an amendment to the Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013. The primary purpose of this bill is to increase the use of behavioral interventions in order to improve students academic environment by reducing disciplinary issues in schools and providing a safe environment for learning. Passage of this bipartisan bill will provide technical assistance and training to educational agencies for the implementation of various mental health interventions, as well as the updating of crisis management plans.
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Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program to be Introduced in Minneapolis Area

Courts dealing with drug addiction were the first example, and over time the approach extended to the realm of mental health. The first widely recognized mental health court was started in Broward County, Florida, in 1997, prompted in part by a series of suicides in local jails, and now most states have at least one such court. Lewis saw the need while working as a criminal court judge, with many defendants cycling in and out of her courtroom appearing to be mentally ill. She volunteered to start the mental health court in Upper Marlboro in 2008.
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Mental health courts seek to treat, rather than jail

She has just been appointed South Australian Coordinator of the Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network, which operates under the auspices of the Private Mental Health Alliance . Associate Professor Lawn said that while the Network has an advocacy role in developing an agenda at a national level for improvement to services, it also acts as a conduit for information to members and ultimately to the doctors and allied health providers who treat them. Representing a group of members in each State, the coordinators meet together twice yearly with the Network Chair Janne McMahon to discuss issues and concerns related to private sector mental health services. The Network is frequently involved in consultation with government and, for example, has had significant input into the discussions about Disability Care Australia. Associate Professor Lawn said that while private psychiatrists keep up-to-date with clinical developments, in some cases consumers, thanks to the Networks newsletter, may be more aware of available services than their doctors. Its a case of shared learning, Associate Professor Lawn said.
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Natural Treatments for Hair Loss

Hair Loss Prevention 101

If there is a medical condition causing your hair loss, it may need to be treated. “If something needs our attention, you fix that and the hair takes care of itself,” says Molly Roberts, MD, MS, president of the American Holistic Medical Association. Roberts takes a holistic view of the problem. Sometimes medication is needed, but she often tries more general methods first — such as the following: Nutrition Sally Kravich, MS, CNHP, a holistic nutritionist and author, finds in her practice that “vanity is a good way to inspire people (to eat better) — we all want shiny eyes and radiant hair and skin .” She encourages her patients to get nutrients and minerals from the food they eat. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the best diets .
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Hair loss… on a woman? It’s happening to increasing numbers of us – and it eats away at your femininity like an acid

Wendy pictured with her hair piece

If you think youre lacking vitamin B or any nutrient for that matter (like iron), speak to your doctor before you get yourself tested or go down the supplements route. An even simpler solution is to structure your diet accordingly, although getting enough biotin may be a challenge. Manage your stress At any one time, about 85 percent of the hair on your head is in its growing phase while 15 percent is in its final death stages. Amazingly, certain stressful events can actually produce a “shock to the system” that alters this natural cycle causing as much as 3040 percent of the hairs to start to die. The result: three months later, you start to shed like a dog does its coat. Although the events that cause these are usually major life stressors, like a severe illness, its possible that chronic, prolonged stress could have a similar, though lesser, effect. Finding ways to manage stress should therefore be a top priority for any man stressing to find ways to prevent hair loss.
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My thin hair and balding scalp was eating away at my confidence, and when my second book was published, I’d resigned myself to spending hour-upon-hour having my hair curled and back-combed to make it look presentable. I hoped a perm might hide my balding scalp – it didn’t – and had my hair cut short in the vain hope it would look thicker, but all my efforts failed. In 2004, I saw a photo of myself and noticed a 4in bald patch. I decided to travel to Paris and spend 3,500 on a hair transplant. I was assured the post-op pain would last a few hours, but for days afterwards my scalp felt as if it was on fire. Even OxyContin, one of the strongest painkillers available, didn’t help.
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Mexico to See Quality Skin Care Growth

Jimmy Coconut’s Age Defying Skin Care Line Targets The Facial Cleanser Skin Care Market!

Its economy on the mend, Mexico is forecast to record faster GDP growth than Brazil by the end of this year. Although healthy however, a volume CAGR of 4.4% keeps skin care just out of the top three health and beauty sectors in Mexico to 2017, while the sectors value is projected to grow at a slightly lower CAGR of 4.1%. Facial care accounts for over half of the entire skin care sector in Mexico, with value and volume shares at 55.5% and 55.4%, respectively. Growth is slightly below the average at 4.1% value and 4.3% volume. However, body care, with less than half the share, is forecast to see the highest growth in the sector. The category is projected to witness a value CAGR of 4.5%, with a higher volume growth at 5.5%, as consumers take advantage of promotional offers.
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Mexico to See Quality Skin Care Growth

Made with aloe, coconut milk and Manuka Honey perfectly cleanses and moisturizes your skin. It can be just a small thing like cleansing your face every morning and evening that can make all the difference. It is almost always the delicate skin on the face and neck that is most often the first place the real visual signs of aging show. While there are a great many life-style choices and other factors that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles, it is important to have a facial cleansing regime to do before you apply your daily anti aging facial creams and moisturizers properly to achieve maximum results. The team at Jimmy Coconut has made it easy for all users get the maximum results from all of their products including the Naturally Youthful Coconut & Honey Aloe facial cleanser. Watch for our latest new products coming soon to the Anti-aging Skin Care Market.
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SMART Skin care TIPS for Smart Phone Users

In addition, neck skin is much thinner and weaker than facial skin so people get wrinkles immediately if skincare is neglected. Therefore, one must keep up with neck care by applying neck-specialized essence after cleansing in the morning and night. Moreover, looking into smart phones to read small letters will cause wrinkles on forehead. To avoid the cause of wrinkles on forehead, make the size of letters larger and correct the vision. Then do not forget to put eye cream on every morning and night.
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