Mental health courts making a difference, according to state

SC Mental Health to use land sale cash for repairs

A study of 10 mental health courts around the state finds a lower level of repeat offenders compared to other courts. Participants also had better opportunities for work, education and treatment. State court administrator Chad Schmucker says the survey checked up on 331 graduates of mental health courts. The goal is to get help for people instead of sending them to jail or prison for long periods for certain crimes. They may have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or severe depression. Mental health courts have been around since 2009.
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Nanette Larson, BA, CRSS, Director of Recovery Support Services for the Illinois DHS/Division of Mental Health, will deliver the keynote address, Recovery: The Journey to Health and Wellness. A nationally recognized leader and speaker focused on the mental health consumer recovery movement, her passion stems from personal experiences of recovery. Dr. Paul Keck, Jr., MD, a researcher in Bipolar Disorder and psychopharmacology and author of hundreds of scientific papers, will present Recovery, Remission, Wellness-The Realizable Goals of Diagnosis and Treatment. People who have mental health concerns, family members and friends, professionals, and community members are all encouraged to attend to learn more about hope, empowerment, and recovery. The morning session begins at 8 a.m. with registration, expo displays and information sharing opportunities, and moves into the speaker presentation.
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Mental Illness & Love: The Biggest Threat To Marriage & The Best Path To Recovery

Be a team: 78% of experts agree that for a marriage to survive, the couple must work on healing together. “The red flag here is that seemingly common issues like depression and addiction can have such a profoundly negative effect on marriages,” says Melanie Gorman, SR VP of YourTango Experts, “but if you follow the suggestions offered, 75% of experts believe that a mental illness can actually make a marriage stronger.” Additional survey findings: As many as 30% of married couples struggle with mental illness. 62% agree that healthy spouses can “mirror” unhealthy symptoms. YourTango is offering help with their upcoming content-driven campaign, Living & Loving With Mental Illness , from August 26 September 6.
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Mental Health Wellness and Recovery Conference features nationally recognized speakers

The agency has lost $87 million in funding since 2008. “I would hate for all that money to go to capital needs when there is such a need for more psychiatrists, more psychiatric nurses. I would rather see it go to services than bricks and mortar,” said Bill Lindsey , director of the state chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness . The agency is selling 165 acres to Greenville developer Bob Hughes . The $15 million will be paid in installments over seven years.
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