Fight Hair Loss With These 6 Common Foods

Hair Loss? It May Be Iron Deficiency

Researches over the years reveal that high fat diets increase testosterone level, which is linked to hair loss. So, if you are eating red meat, pay extra caution to avoid hair loss. Walnuts Walnuts fall in the hair-friendly category as they are a storehouse of protein, omega-6 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin (B1, B6 and B9) and iron. All these nutrients reduce hair loss, but here is a word of caution: walnut has traces of selenium, a mineral that may cause hair loss in people who have either too much of it in the system or are selenium deficient. Moreover, overeating in the quest of quick hair growth will be costly, as it will make your hair thin. So, stock up some walnuts in your kitchen cabinet, but eat in moderation! Eggs Eggs are known to reduce hair fall considerably owing to the nutritional quotient.
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Bergfeld has found in decades of experience, is when she treats patients for iron deficiency –even in the absence of anemia — it can maximize their ability to regrow hair,” Trost tells WebMD. “It is not the silver bullet for baldness, but it can definitely help maximize how a patient regrows hair.” The Cleveland Clinic isn’t alone in doing this. George Cotsarelis, director of the University of Pennsylvania Hair and Scalp Clinic, has studied iron supplementation in women with various forms of hair loss. “From our clinic’s experience, it is clear to me that if you replenish hair-loss patients’ iron stores with iron supplements , they are more likely to regrow hair, or at least stop hair shedding,” Cotsarelis tells WebMD.
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